Value of Support – Does It Make A Difference?

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In order to do things of their choice parents usually need support to find time for them, especially when they have to pay enough attention to everyone in the family as per their expectations. A relative or friend can be a big support for you when it comes to help in household chores or handling children etc. So, it is important that before the occurrence of extreme situation you must have a support beside you.

Is it hard to ask for support?

Most of us do not ask for support from our family or friends with a pretext that they may be busy in their own routine works or instead of being selfish we can manage the things on our own. Here a question arises that is asking for support really so hard?

Actually, our culture compels us to place too high expectations from our self as parents. Though we know that no one can be perfect but our worth is normally judged by how well organised our home is? In such situation people usually think that it will be OK if one of their responsibilities is owned by someone else.

Can not asking for support be risky?

People usually do not call for a help because when one work is transferred to other they may get some other work to do instead of sparing some time for them self. That means we are forced to work until we get exhausted. So normally we do not value support unless we realise that a change is essential.

We usually wait for the extreme situation before calling a help due to various reasons. Some parents want to prove their excellence in parenting, work management skills or expertise of their job until they collapse internally. By the end of the day, when they start feeling retarded they follow certain things like eating too much, having a glass of wine or watching their favourite TV shows etc. to quash down this feeling. But instead of suppressing such feelings they should acknowledge them and bring them out as they can cause the symptoms of depression or anxiety. So before such situation occurs we should be aware enough to communicate with others facing similar problems to get a solution out of it.

Is parenting really a tiring emotional job?

Actually parenting is colossal job which not only includes several physical works but also many emotional works from cleaning and entertaining children to controlling their behaviour and worrying for the entire family and most of the parents want to do them on their own. In such situation, due to their high expectations and lack of help, people try to handle the things themselves.

So to make the things a bit easier, you will have to focus on your own life and communicate with yourself or someone else to make a right decision about calling a help when required or not.

Do you deserve a support?

You can start thinking that whether the things will be good if you have a support? How and from whom you can expect help in parenting? When you shall call a relative to help you, when you are exhausted or at a particular day or time? When you should focus on yourself? Etc.

When you will assess your life on these points then you will easily know whether you deserve a help or not. It will make you feel better and less tensed up.

Having a good listener can be a good support for you

When you have a good listener to your hardships of asking for a help or scheduling the things to support your life then there are chances of getting some easy solutions for your problems. Such listening partnerships will help not only in releasing your tensions but also in getting a help to reduce your day-to-day parenting stress so that you can spare time to do other important works or look after yourself. But sometimes having a good listener also becomes as additional job when you are already feeling tense. So while finding a listener you should see whether it will relax you or make you feel more tensed.

Thus after focusing on our own life as well as talking with others it can be concluded easily that there remains a gap between what we expect from ourselves and what we are actually doing n our day-to-day life. This gap can be closed to some extent when we value support by getting is on regular basis or when required. In fact we can support our children better if we can support our self adequately.