Service Desk

service deskA helping hand is always welcome. A person who does not want help usually gives himself or herself too much work. At times, taking more than one can handle.  elegation helps and support goes a long way. Take a scenario of a mother with children. Mothers sometimes beat themselves up. You want to be the best mother, wife and woman for yourself all at the same time. 

All these are emotional things and you may just crash.  Getting a babysitter to watch over your kids as you send time with our better half would work wonders. Being Wonder Woman is amazing but we are humans. We get fatigued and do need help. Do not let pride get the best of you. With help, you are able to perform your duties better. You are able to concentrate better and remain rejuvenated too.

Similarly, business requires support in different spheres. IT service management (ITSM) is the support offered to customers receiving information technology services. This is with regards to processes and procedures, that is planning, design, operation and control of IT services. The service provider offers the support through various channels such as processes and people. The main focus of ITSM is improvement on a continuous basis. Both customer experience and quality of service ought to improve. The focus is also on customer needs rather than just IT systems. ITSM is used to support in conjunction with other business disciplines such as quality management and information security management.

As aforementioned, support goes a long way

Moreover, having a single point of having the support is more ideal. This is the role of a service desk. It provides a single point of contact for customers and a company, business partners as well as employees. The aim is timely delivery of the desired support. A service desk design is to aid in a service request and incident. A service request is a routine task such as changing a password for a stranded client online whereas an incident is the occurrence of an event that alters the quality of a service or its availability.

Customer support is provided through help desks and call centres. At times, people confuse the two to a service desk. According to The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), service desk is critical as a tool to information technology service management (ITSM).

The service desk at times is termed as the help desk. Is there a difference? Today, people may use the words interchangeably. The service desk definition and roles are as outlined above.
The complexity of an organisation and their use of IT and customer engagement may inform the decision to use either service desk or help desk. A help desk is mainly used to resolve issues on a faster stand point. The roles carried out by a help desk can range from email notifications tracking to escalation procedures. The idea is to provide seamless solutions to resolve issues.

The customer experience ought to be better. In certain instances, support may be provided outside the help desk. Irrespective of a firm having a service desk or a hep desk, the customer solution should be provided as soon as possible. The terms can simply be termed as semantics. One may say to have a department of service desk but service delivery is poor. The reverse is also true.

Online casinos do apply IT and need support.

Not the easiest ways to think with regards to gambling but it is important. What if you don’t understand what just happened with the bet you just placed? Customer support plays an important role. There is the number you can call but it may be past office hours. Having trained staff to chat with works. They are available 24/7 to respond to customers enquiries and address any relevant
issues. The customer support should be conversant with all the relevant undertakings on the platform. Training customer care staff ensures customer satisfaction when using the online casino.

This means free marketing for the online casino since the customers are satisfied. The customer care should be in contact with relevant departments in case queries made are technical. However,
customers on an online casino would mainly be interested in making more money and understanding what exactly is going on at face value.