Service Desk vs Help Desk

help desk serviceA service desk is simply a communication center that allows the firm to interact with its customers, staff and other stakeholders of the firm. The service desk is a tool that is used by the firm to avail services to the stakeholders in a professional and fast manner.

The service desk and help desk are completely different tools of the business but they are often referred to as one by many people. Even if they are completely independent of each other, the service desk and the help desk have many similarities.

The other tool that performs related duties to the service desk and help desk is the call center. 

Differences between the help desk and the service desk

Many of the people in business tend to associate these two as one. This is because they both perform the same functions. According to some other people in business however, these two are distinct from each other. The main difference between these is that the service desk is able to handle the same functions as those of the help desk using simpler and shorter procedures.

The service desk is also able to provide a broader range of services as compared to the help desk.

Purposes of the service desk in firms

The service desk is a must have tool for most of the firms, even those that operate on an online basis. The main functions of a service desk in an enterprise include the following;

Helping the clients with routine tasks. Some of these tasks include changing pins and passwords. This may be as a result of incidents that have occurred with either the clients or the firm.

This tool is also used in the management of IT services of a firm. This is because it is able to integrate the processes of the business into service provision. This enables the clients and other stakeholders to have a little insight about the firm.

These tools can also be used to evaluate the performance of the firm by letting the stakeholders answer questionnaires and rating the quality of the services offered. This will go a long way to ensure that the mistakes by the firm are looked into and corrected. This will help to ensure the clients are happy and satisfied with the services provided by the firm.

Terms related to the service desk

There are some of other forms of the service desk that are being used by many firms today. They have different functions as compared to the functions of the service desk and help desk, but their purpose in the business is same. Some of the most common ones are listed below;

Auto run

This is a windows operating feature that leads the computer to take a predetermined course of action when a specific media device is fed to the computer.


This is the Microsoft Network Device Enrolment System. The main function of this system is to provide secure communication. The system is able to filter and block out devices that do not have the required credentials and thus helping to create a secure line of communication.

The Windows Server Core

This is a minimal option for the installation of the Window Server Operating System, commonly referred to as the OS by many people. It is limited in the number of operations it is able to carry out. This is because it is only equipped to provide the components that allow proper running of applications and performing the roles of the server.


The service desk and the help desk are almost similar in their roles and functions in the firm. Many people tend to refer to service desk and help desk as one entity even if the service desk is more equipped than the help desk. The major functions of these two is to enhance communication between the firm and the stakeholders. In the hands of experienced staff, these two can be very effective tools in the running of an enterprise.

In addition to these two, there are other tools that are used and their use is very similar to the use of service desks and help desks. Some of these tools include Auto run, NDES and The Windows Server Core. Even though they all perform different functions, their purpose in the firm is similar to the use of the service desk and help desk.