Service Desk

service deskA helping hand is always welcome. A person who does not want help usually gives himself or herself too much work. At times, taking more than one can handle.  elegation helps and support goes a long way. Take a scenario of a mother with children. Mothers sometimes beat themselves up. You want to be the best mother, wife and woman for yourself all at the same time. 

All these are emotional things and you may just crash.  Getting a babysitter to watch over your kids as you send time with our better half would work wonders. Being Wonder Woman is amazing but we are humans. We get fatigued and do need help. Do not let pride get the best of you. With help, you are able to perform your duties better. You are able to concentrate better and remain rejuvenated too.

Similarly, business requires support in different spheres. IT service management (ITSM) is the support offered to customers receiving information technology services. This is with regards to processes and procedures, that is planning, design, operation and control of IT services. The service provider offers the support through various channels such as processes and people. The main focus of ITSM is improvement on a continuous basis. Both customer experience and quality of service ought to improve. The focus is also on customer needs rather than just IT systems. ITSM is used to support in conjunction with other business disciplines such as quality management and information security management.

As aforementioned, support goes a long way

Moreover, having a single point of having the support is more ideal. This is the role of a service desk. It provides a single point of contact for customers and a company, business partners as well as employees. The aim is timely delivery of the desired support. A service desk design is to aid in a service request and incident. A service request is a routine task such as changing a password for a stranded client online whereas an incident is the occurrence of an event that alters the quality of a service or its availability.

Customer support is provided through help desks and call centres. At times, people confuse the two to a service desk. According to The Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL), service desk is critical as a tool to information technology service management (ITSM).

The service desk at times is termed as the help desk. Is there a difference? Today, people may use the words interchangeably. The service desk definition and roles are as outlined above.
The complexity of an organisation and their use of IT and customer engagement may inform the decision to use either service desk or help desk. A help desk is mainly used to resolve issues on a faster stand point. The roles carried out by a help desk can range from email notifications tracking to escalation procedures. The idea is to provide seamless solutions to resolve issues.

The customer experience ought to be better. In certain instances, support may be provided outside the help desk. Irrespective of a firm having a service desk or a hep desk, the customer solution should be provided as soon as possible. The terms can simply be termed as semantics. One may say to have a department of service desk but service delivery is poor. The reverse is also true.

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It Service Management

it management serviceCommonly referred to as ITSM, IT Service Management can be loosely translated to mean the entire activities that a firm is involved in with the aim of controlling the information technology that the clients receive. Some of the activities that the firm does to ensure this include organizing and designing, planning, delivering and even controlling the information reaching the clients. Therefore IT Service Management is involved in the duty of implementing the IT services provided to the clients and tailoring them to meet the needs of the clients. The IT Service Management also uses the service desks and help desks which are an entity of the IT to enhance the communication network between a firm and their clients.

About IT Service Management

This is an independent discipline but it still is tied to other approaches for management. There are some frameworks that the ITSM borrows some of its principles from including the MOF, FitSM and even COBIT. These frameworks are also independent of the ITSM but their working principles between these frameworks resemble that of the IT Service Management. The main purpose of IT Service Management in a firm include the following;

Facilitating the exchange of ideas among the available frameworks in the firm. The ideas can be either from the employees of the firm, the clients and eve other stakeholders.

Organizing workshops and conferences are also the duties of the ITSM in a firm.

Another major function of the ITSM is the translating of the documents in the framework to the required languages and publishing the guides for translation.

The ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is considered as equal to the ITSM because they perform almost similar functions, even though the ITSM is considered superior to the ITIL. 

Other types of frameworks

The IT Service Management derives some of its working principles from frameworks that are different from it but perform almost the same functions. Some of the frameworks that the ITSM derives its principles include the following:


This initials represent the Control Objectives for Information and Related Technologies. This is a framework of governing the IT. The specific function of this framework is controlling the firm objectives among other aspects that relate to the development of the firm.


This is a framework that is able to regulate and manage the services being offered to the clients and other shareholders of the firm.

Microsoft Operation Framework, MOF

The major functions if this framework in a firm include providing a framework for management of the services provided by the firm to the clients. Another major function of this framework is to provide guidance on the services being provided by the firm.

Relationship between ITSM and service desk

The service desk can be defined as a communication center between the management of the firm and other stakeholders of the firm. The service desk is a function of IT with its main intention being to provide a point of contact between the management and other stakeholders of the firm. This means that it is a tool used by the firm to communicate to its clients and vice versa. The clients are able to present their complaints, incidences and suggestions to the management of the firm.

The service desk is also important in the facilitating of other processes like licensing of insurance and also allows the clients to make changes to their requests. A help desk is considered a different entity from the service desk. The help desk has lesser capabilities as compared the service desk.


The main purpose of the IT Service Management framework is to enhance communication between the various aspects of a firm. Some of the activities and procedures that are used by the ITSM have been borrowed from other independent frameworks. The IT Service Management also involves the use of the service desk and help desks in the running of their normal operations. These two have the major function of acting as a point of communication between the firm and other stakeholders like the clients and employees.

Information about the activities of the firm can be availed to the clients and other stakeholders and vice versa. The clients are able to give their suggestions and complaints o the management of the firm via the service and help desks.

Service Desk vs Help Desk

help desk serviceA service desk is simply a communication center that allows the firm to interact with its customers, staff and other stakeholders of the firm. The service desk is a tool that is used by the firm to avail services to the stakeholders in a professional and fast manner.

The service desk and help desk are completely different tools of the business but they are often referred to as one by many people. Even if they are completely independent of each other, the service desk and the help desk have many similarities.

The other tool that performs related duties to the service desk and help desk is the call center. 

Differences between the help desk and the service desk

Many of the people in business tend to associate these two as one. This is because they both perform the same functions. According to some other people in business however, these two are distinct from each other. The main difference between these is that the service desk is able to handle the same functions as those of the help desk using simpler and shorter procedures.

The service desk is also able to provide a broader range of services as compared to the help desk.

Purposes of the service desk in firms

The service desk is a must have tool for most of the firms, even those that operate on an online basis. The main functions of a service desk in an enterprise include the following;

Helping the clients with routine tasks. Some of these tasks include changing pins and passwords. This may be as a result of incidents that have occurred with either the clients or the firm.

This tool is also used in the management of IT services of a firm. This is because it is able to integrate the processes of the business into service provision. This enables the clients and other stakeholders to have a little insight about the firm.

These tools can also be used to evaluate the performance of the firm by letting the stakeholders answer questionnaires and rating the quality of the services offered. This will go a long way to ensure that the mistakes by the firm are looked into and corrected. This will help to ensure the clients are happy and satisfied with the services provided by the firm.

Terms related to the service desk

There are some of other forms of the service desk that are being used by many firms today. They have different functions as compared to the functions of the service desk and help desk, but their purpose in the business is same. Some of the most common ones are listed below;

Auto run

This is a windows operating feature that leads the computer to take a predetermined course of action when a specific media device is fed to the computer.


This is the Microsoft Network Device Enrolment System. The main function of this system is to provide secure communication. The system is able to filter and block out devices that do not have the required credentials and thus helping to create a secure line of communication.

The Windows Server Core

This is a minimal option for the installation of the Window Server Operating System, commonly referred to as the OS by many people. It is limited in the number of operations it is able to carry out. This is because it is only equipped to provide the components that allow proper running of applications and performing the roles of the server.


The service desk and the help desk are almost similar in their roles and functions in the firm. Many people tend to refer to service desk and help desk as one entity even if the service desk is more equipped than the help desk. The major functions of these two is to enhance communication between the firm and the stakeholders. In the hands of experienced staff, these two can be very effective tools in the running of an enterprise.

In addition to these two, there are other tools that are used and their use is very similar to the use of service desks and help desks. Some of these tools include Auto run, NDES and The Windows Server Core. Even though they all perform different functions, their purpose in the firm is similar to the use of the service desk and help desk.

Value of Support – Does It Make A Difference?

support help desk value

In order to do things of their choice parents usually need support to find time for them, especially when they have to pay enough attention to everyone in the family as per their expectations. A relative or friend can be a big support for you when it comes to help in household chores or handling children etc. So, it is important that before the occurrence of extreme situation you must have a support beside you.

Is it hard to ask for support?

Most of us do not ask for support from our family or friends with a pretext that they may be busy in their own routine works or instead of being selfish we can manage the things on our own. Here a question arises that is asking for support really so hard?

Actually, our culture compels us to place too high expectations from our self as parents. Though we know that no one can be perfect but our worth is normally judged by how well organised our home is? In such situation people usually think that it will be OK if one of their responsibilities is owned by someone else.

Can not asking for support be risky?

People usually do not call for a help because when one work is transferred to other they may get some other work to do instead of sparing some time for them self. That means we are forced to work until we get exhausted. So normally we do not value support unless we realise that a change is essential.

We usually wait for the extreme situation before calling a help due to various reasons. Some parents want to prove their excellence in parenting, work management skills or expertise of their job until they collapse internally. By the end of the day, when they start feeling retarded they follow certain things like eating too much, having a glass of wine or watching their favourite TV shows etc. to quash down this feeling. But instead of suppressing such feelings they should acknowledge them and bring them out as they can cause the symptoms of depression or anxiety. So before such situation occurs we should be aware enough to communicate with others facing similar problems to get a solution out of it.

Is parenting really a tiring emotional job?

Actually parenting is colossal job which not only includes several physical works but also many emotional works from cleaning and entertaining children to controlling their behaviour and worrying for the entire family and most of the parents want to do them on their own. In such situation, due to their high expectations and lack of help, people try to handle the things themselves.

So to make the things a bit easier, you will have to focus on your own life and communicate with yourself or someone else to make a right decision about calling a help when required or not.

Do you deserve a support?

You can start thinking that whether the things will be good if you have a support? How and from whom you can expect help in parenting? When you shall call a relative to help you, when you are exhausted or at a particular day or time? When you should focus on yourself? Etc.

When you will assess your life on these points then you will easily know whether you deserve a help or not. It will make you feel better and less tensed up.

Having a good listener can be a good support for you

When you have a good listener to your hardships of asking for a help or scheduling the things to support your life then there are chances of getting some easy solutions for your problems. Such listening partnerships will help not only in releasing your tensions but also in getting a help to reduce your day-to-day parenting stress so that you can spare time to do other important works or look after yourself. But sometimes having a good listener also becomes as additional job when you are already feeling tense. So while finding a listener you should see whether it will relax you or make you feel more tensed.

Thus after focusing on our own life as well as talking with others it can be concluded easily that there remains a gap between what we expect from ourselves and what we are actually doing n our day-to-day life. This gap can be closed to some extent when we value support by getting is on regular basis or when required. In fact we can support our children better if we can support our self adequately.

Value of Customer Support

customer support

With no doubts, we can agree that parents need support from relatives as well as friends in taking care of children or perhaps help with other house chores. This is because of the reason that parents are not always around their children due to things like work commitments, or maybe when they are out doing things that they like. During such circumstances parents are not available for their children who need their care, thus a friend or relative can step in to provide support in taking care of the needy children. This relationship is similar to our businesses no matter whether it is small or big.

You find that customers will be looking to reach you about your products and services asking questions that they need a response to promptly. So, to ensure that you take care of your customer needs efficiently and effectively you must get someone to provide you with the required support when you are away accomplishing other tasks. Most of the time the best way to achieve this is by hiring customer support services providers to deal with your customer demands. The bottom line is that the value of customer support cannot be underestimated if at all you want to be successful.

Definition of IT Service Management


IT service management abbreviated as ITSM can be defined as the overall activities and directed policies that are structured and organized in procedures and support processes that are done by an organization to plan, design, deliver, control, and operate IT services rendered to their customers. In simple words, ITSM is primarily concerned with IT services implementations to meet organizations customer needs and they are performed by IT services supplies through a mix of appropriate people, processes, and with the use of information technology. Ideally, IT Services management is different from other technology-oriented approaches like IT systems management and network management because it adopts an approach that is geared towards focusing and managing customer needs and IT support services for customers as well as with continued improvement.

Service Desk

A service desk can be defined as a single point of contact (SPOC) communication center between a company and its business partners, employees, and customers. The main goal of a service desk is to make sure all players who have its contact receives timely and appropriate help at any given time.


Service desk design is implemented in a way that to can be able to handle both services request and tackle rising incidents.

In this context, you should understand that a service request is an event that seeks for support with a routine task, like getting a new client set up work systems or help given to a user when they need to change a password. On the other hand, an incident is an occurrence that leads to a disruption of service quality or availability. Other service desk services include release management, change management, and related tasks configuration. You should note that service desk falls in the three main categories of user and/or customer support. Sometimes people tend to confuse service desk and help desk, this is going to be discussed in details below.

Help Desk vs. Service Desk

help deskThere is a lot of confusion when it comes to differentiating between help desk and service desk. Ideally, a help desk is viewed as a means through which you can quickly help to resolve end user’s technical issues, incidents, and their immediate needs. The help desk main goal is to resolve issues and request from end users quickly and efficiently as possible.

On the other hand, a service desk is an idea that is broad, more strategic and it is cross-organizational. Service desk is not focused rather it looks at overall business needs on resolving the needs of the end users and covers the business’s broad context. Service desk has a help desk element and it is geared towards improving business and IT process across the entire organization as well as improving IT processes opportunities.

Customer Care Online Casino

To wrap up the loose ends, it is worth to mention that the true value of customer support from customer’s perspective is realized only when something doesn’t work correctly with their account when it comes to online casino. With online casinos, you find that there are potentially many things that could go wrong due to the level of security put in place. Generally, in the online industry, there is a high risk of hackers and other malware issues making provision of customer care important to safeguard bonuses that they are given and ensure that customers can continue to play games via websites or software provided at any given time.

The bottom line is that with online casinos customer care is viewed as twofold. First of all, customer care here serves the needs they have and addresses concerns and other needs that arise promptly allowing them to build trust and confidence that issues and needs they might have can be addressed quickly. Lastly, customer care serves online casino in that when customers are satisfied they will give excellent positive reviews giving you a chance to increase client base simply by giving them an excellent and effective care package.