Balls Of Steel – PC

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Version 1.3

Balls of Steel version 1.3 has been released by the developers of the game. This patch has not yet been fully tested by Infogrames Inc., and is not a supported release. If you have any problems with version 1.3, we suggest uninstalling the game and reverting to version 1.1 for the time being. Please note that this game is Windows95/98 only, it will not run on DOS or Windows 3.1 or Windows NT.

Here’s a complete list of all the fixes/updates in v1.3.

  • added DirectDraw support option for the display
  • fix to Firestorm 3-ball totaling for undefused bombs
  • change to double for scoring, rather than custom 64-bit ints
  • updated magnetic lock parameters to prevent ball getting stuck
  • fix to Firestorm Powerplant and Freeway ramp scoring awards
  • super combo scoring cap introduced
  • kickback cheat code on Mutation now properly opens kickback gate
  • powerball mode now correctly resets gas cylinders on Duke Nukem
  • ball blocker gate bug corrected
  • ball dumping from cyclotron dish during Mutation 3-ball improved
  • free 4-billion points in Duke Nukem video mode corrected
  • high score sorting problem corrected
  • crashing after final ball of Darkside 3-ball corrected
  • parental lock extended to cover text of hurry-up message
  • Firestorm outlanes no longer turn off novice ballsaver
  • suppressed false display of combos values in Mutation
  • fixed Barbarian element missions to ensure correct display on completion
  • corrected bug in Duke Nukem multiball modes in conjunction with elevator
  • removed references to Worldscores, as they no longer track Balls of Steel scores

This list is for the registered version, obviously issues relating to the registered tables don’t apply to shareware. As a convenience to our customers, these patches will update either v1.0, v1.1 or v1.2 to the new v1.3!

Please remember, if you have any problems attempting to apply these patches, you will need to remove your game (with the Add/Remove Programs icon in Windows), and then reinstall and reapply the patch.

For more information, please refer to 3D Realms’ Balls of Steel page or Wildfire Studios.

Download the patch into a temporary directory. Run bos13rp.exe for the registered version or bos13sp.exe for the shareware version and follow the on screen prompts to install the patch.

  • Registered Version Patch
  • Shareware Version Patch

Version 1.1

This patch addresses the following issues:

  • key selection in menu for flipper, plunger, and nudge
  • fix to permit extra ball awarding in Arcade mode
  • fix for Duke extra ball dotpanel display sequencing
  • fix to prevent Enter skipping highscore entry until highscore title shown
  • increased maximum capping and adjustment for Powerball enabling
  • fix for 2-ball jackpot totalling in Firestorm
  • video driver update for problems with Matrox Mystique and Riva cards
  • fix for problems with cards based on Rendition chips
  • fix for problems using Video Setup button after installation
  • removed screen capture key
  • fix to allow single-screen view only on video cards less than 1Mb
  • automatic resetting of display profile if video options changed in menu
  • An extra utility is now included that will allow you to reprofile your video card should you run into trouble, or change video drivers, etc.

Download the patch into a temporary directory. Run bosreg11pt.exe for the registered version or bossw11pt.exe for the shareware version and follow the on screen prompts to install the patch.

  • Registered Version Patch.
  • Shareware Version patch.